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Please have a browse through our website, learn more about our beers, how we brew and how we run our farm. You can also check out where you can drink our lovely brews and follow us on social media.

If you have any questions, just email or call Rich Williams: 07866 495 232

Our Beers

Stratford Gold

stratford gold

Stratford Gold – 3.8% – Our Premium light Golden ale made with Maris Otter, Crystal and Wheat Malts with Citra and Fuggles hops.

Taste Notes - Medium Bodied Golden ale with a fine malty flavour with a light hint of citrus fruits.



Malty Pig Bitter

Malty Pig Bitter – 4.4% - Our Premium Dark Golden Bitter made with Maris Otter, Crystal and Chocolate Malts with English Fuggles and Golding hops.

Taste Notes - A full bodied dark golden bitter with hints of caramel. Generously hopped to bring out a variety of balanced hoppy flavours.


Dark Star Porter

dark star porter

Dark Star Porter – 4.6% - Perfect for those dark winter evenings, our smooth finely balanced porter is made with Maris Otter, Wheat and Chocolate Malts with Golding and Challenger hops.

Taste Notes - A full bodied dark porter with a roasted coffee touch and background chocolatey flavours with a hint of fruit.



Immortal Bitter

stratford winter warmer

Immortal - 5.0% – Our new special beer to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.

Taste Notes - A deep amber beer, fresh with subtle hints of grapefruit and tropical fruits.


Louis's Pale Ale


Louis’s Pale Ale – 4% – Our hoppiest beer yet! This brew has powerful floral flavours made with pure English hops including East Kent Golding and Challenger.

Taste Notes – It is heavily hopped at the end of the boil process which allows the brew to lock in all of the essential oils to create a powerful flavour and aroma. Full bodied with strong floral flavours.

About Us

Stratford-upon-Avon's newest and only brewery ...

In fact, we're more that Stratford-upon-Avon's only brewery, we're also one of the UK's most eco-friendly too.

And luckily for our customers, being ecologically sound goes nicely hand-in-hand with producing great tasting beer, with no additives or chemicals.

Water from our own well, six varieties of hops grown on our land and our solar powered brewery are just part of what makes the Stratford-upon-Avon Brewery unique.

Even our left-over malts and hops get recycled with the help of our hungry pigs.


How We Brew Our Beers

STAGE 1 There are four main ingredients that we need to make our beer, these are water, malted barley, hops and yeast. Some of our hops are grown here on the farm and we use a very local hop supplier, thus keeping everything eco-friendly.
STAGE 2 The beer's life starts here ... we mix our water with our malts in a mash tun. This is left to stand for up to 90 minutes whilst the starch is converted into fermentable sugars known as our wort.
STAGE 3 Our malts job is finished, the malts go to some very hungry and happy pigs on our farm. What is left is brought to the boil where we add our hops to introduce bitterness, flavours and aromas.
STAGE 4 Once the boil is complete, our wort is cooled and transferred to a fermentation tank. Yeast is added to feed off the sugars which turn the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This takes between 3 to 6 days.
STAGE 5 Once fermentation is complete, we rack our beer into casks with finings to help make it crystal clear. A small amount of yeast is still in the beer for secondary fermentation for cask conditioned ale. This results in a full bodied ale which tastes great!
STAGE 6 Our beer is a completely natural product with no added nasties! Our own well water and solar powered machinery make it one of the most eco-friendly beers around! Unfiltered and un-pasteurised ... the most natural of tastes.


We are looking for a rather special person to work part-time in our vibrant and expanding business.

You will help nourish the excellent relationship we have with our clients and also seek new opportunities.

Hours and rate are flexible, so please contact Rich for more details: or call 07866 495 232



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